Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Random Track(s) of the Day: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Last week, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs released a new EP that I completely forgot to post about. The tracks on the new EP, "Is Is", were originally recorded three years ago around the time "Fever to Tell" was being made. They've performed the songs live, but they've never recorded them until now. I don't know why, they're all good enough to be on "Fever to Tell", and some of them are even good enough to be singles. "Rockers to Swallow" and "10x10" both go nowhere and end before they ever really gets going, but the overall sound of the songs are great. "Down Boy" and "Kiss Kiss" sound like indie rock classics, and "Kiss Kiss" builds up to a great ending. "Isis" is just amazing. The EP has a very unique sound, so it's not for everybody. I know it took a few months foor me to "get" them. But if you're already a fan, you'll love this EP.

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