Monday, October 15, 2007

Live Music: Stereophonics

To celebrate "Pull the Pin"'s UK release, here's a live vid of Stereophonics performing "I'm Only Sleeping" with some help from Oasis.

It'll be a while before this album shows up in the US, but the songs are streaming everywhere. My quick take on the whole album: I enjoyed it, but I really wished they hung on to more of the edge they picked up on their last album. The only place where the really try to go back to that sound is "Bank Holiday Monday", and once you've heard that song enough times, it really stops being convincing and doesn't sound as bad-ass as it wants you to think it is. Even though they eased up a little, they're still not nearly as limp as they were on album #4, which is always a good thing. Standouts: "Soldiers Make Good Targets", "Stone", "Drowning", "Lady Luck", and "Crush".

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