Thursday, November 8, 2007

As Seen on TV: "Stripper" by the Soho Dolls

New segment: posts about awesome under-the-radar songs that have gotten some exposure from being on big TV shows. I actually discover a lot of music this way. I might never have heard of Sia if she hadn't been played on "Six Feet Under" ("Breath Me") and "Nip/Tuck" ("Numb"). I might never have heard of Page France if they hadn't been played on "Weeds" a couple weeks ago. I might never have given The Bravery's last album a second chance if "Believe" hadn't been plastered all over "Friday Night Lights" ads. So, now we're going to start pointing out the best unknown songs to surface on TV soundtracks.

First up: "Stripper" by the Soho Dolls, a Eurotrash-influenced pop gem that's rock-bottom shallow but still adrenaline-filled. NME put it best by calling their music an “Utterly magnificent slab of haughty electro-sleaze which makes Peaches sound as predatory and erotically charged as KT Tunstall. Let them get frosty on your ass – it is winter after all.” The song got a pretty good plug during two Burlesque club scenes on last night's "Gossip Girl", a show that, like "Stripper", doesn't pretend to be deep or intellectual and just enjoys being wild and ridiculous. People seeking deep meanings in their music should move along and come back for tomorrow's post; people just looking for a good time can stick around and press play below.

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