Monday, April 7, 2008

Music Videos: The New Blind Melon

The new video for Blind Melon's single "Wishing Well" is here. I sense a lot of resentment from people for the original singer's replacement, and while I agree that the remaining members of the band should have just rebooted under a new name and let the Blind Melon title rest in peace, I really don't hate this new lineup. It's almost upsetting how similar the new guy sounds to Shannon Hoon, but if you analyze these guys on their own merits instead of fixating on what they sounded like way back when, they really are a still a good band. This "Wishing Well" is an extremely likeable song, and while it doesn't have that loveable indie-style charisma of mid-90s Melon, this new incarnation will be fine.

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