Thursday, June 11, 2009

Acoustic Covers: Of Montreal do David Bowie's "Starman"

I did done fucked up yesterday and there was no post, so tomorrow there'll be a double post, because this time I AM COMMITTING TO THIS GODDAMMIT.


"Starman" is a genius piece of songwriting, so if you put anyway competent, likeable band behind it, I will probably love it, even if it doesn't have Bowie's flair backing it up. Of Montreal's covers of this song are fun, because they have their own individual quirky charm that captures the original's eccentricity without even coming close to doing a Bowie impersonation. Like in this acoustic version, Barnes does guitar and main vocals while his bandmate just stands there and actually makes the "DUH-DUHDUH-DUH-DUH" pre-chorus sounds with his voice, and then does some backing vocals for the chorus. And then goes back to just standing there. Weirdly awesome.

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