Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Music Videos: New Timbaland single

After the huge success of "Give It To Me", "The Way I Are", and "Apologize, Timbaland's about to attempt a fourth hit single from "Shock Value" with "Scream", which features Keri Hilson and Nicole Scherzinger. Pros: The song is really good (by bullshit pop standards of course); Keri Hilson is really good at what she does, so hopefully another hit for her will advance her solo career enough for her to move past some of her less talented peers; it'll be cool to see Timbo continue his winning streak, which he probably will, because I'd be shocked if this song didn't pick up decent radio play. Cons: Nicole Scherzinger is completely useless, uninteresting and untalented, and I resent anything that forwards her completely undeserved career; "Throw It On Me" featuring The Hives really deserved to be the new single (but it's placement in a Verizon commercial suggests there's still hope); the video itself looks a little ridiculous; and finally, that fucking ski mask.

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