Saturday, January 19, 2008

Random Track of the Day: Dan Tharp (Via

Here's a website that anyone who gives two fucks about music needs to know about. If you're looking for new music that you've never heard about, go to for suggestions. Seriously, legitimately talented people who are complete unknowns are hard to find, but this place helpfully compiles them all into one place. Plus, if you register, you can make money by making good recomendations. One example of really cool, random obscure tracks you can find is an amazingly well-produced acoustic intrumental by Dan Tharp called "Amber". You can find plenty of more mainstream-sounding tracks at Amiestreet, but I thought it would be more fun to post the most left-of-center thing I can find.

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Dan Tharp said...

Hey! :O)
THANKS MUCH for the very kind words. I really appreciate it!
I'm done with my first album "Face Down in a Pool of Dreams" and am working on the next one "Second Thought".
If anyone would be interested in staying up on what's going on with my music, including being notified when I post new pieces, go to to sign up for mymailing list.
Take care,