Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Music: Jack White and Alicia Keys' James Bond song

The much-hyped Jack White and Alicia Keys duet finally made it to the internet today. It's not quite what I expected... Jack White tried to take his messy, rambling, experimental, White Stripes style, then replaced his usual set of instruments for the traditional James-Bond-theme-song orchestra, threw Alicia's vocals over the top of it, and this acid trip of a song is the result. It has brilliant moments, weighed down by the completely aimless randomness of what surrounds those moments. Somebody will make an amazing cover or remix of this song one day.

Another Way To Die (Feat. Jack White) - Alicia Keys

I'll say this much, though-- it blows Chris Cornell's "Casino Royale" theme song out of the water.

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