Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Music: Jenny Lewis' "Next Messiah"

Today, Jenny Lewis released the latest video in her sorta hilarious Youtube series in which Ben Gibbard keeps half-stalking her and bribing her with balloons to hear songs from her upcoming new record. This video keeps the Ben-related skit to a minimum, and jumps straight into another "Acid Tongue" song called "The Next Messiah". "Messiah" is completely different from AT's title track, this one being more soulful and upbeat and playful. It's a huge step-up from "Acid Tongue"'s somewhat disappointing and unfinished-sounding studio version, but still miles behind the phenomenal live version of "Acid Tongue". Enclosed: "Next Messiah", followed by the awesome live "Acid Tongue", followed by more Ben Gibbard's balloons.

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