Monday, February 18, 2008

Classic remixes: Jay-Z vs The Verve

Mashups are still very underground at this point, and get very, very limited distribution because of copyright issues. So, it's very rare for a mashup to become so renowned that it attains "classic" status among people who listen to them. Classic mashups include but are not limited to: Freelance Hellraiser's Strokes v Aguilera remix, the mashup that started it all; "Rapture Riders", the Blondie-Doors remix that was one of the first mashups to be distributed on an official album; "Smells Like Teen Spirit" vs "Billie Jean", required listening in Mashups 101; and Eminem's "My Name Is" vs "Back in Black". Here's another classic: "Bittersweet Symphony" vs "Dirt Off Your Shoulder". It's so seamless that it makes the original songs sound wrong the next time you hear them.

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