Monday, February 11, 2008

Live Music: West, Winehouse, Keys, and Underwood @ the Grammys

First of all: Yayz to Amy Winehouse for taking home the most-deserved 5-win haul since Alicia Keys. Now let's get to the important part: the live performances.

I don't really care about country. Actually, I'm pretty sure we have post labels for every mainstream genre except country. But even I can't deny how amazing Carrie Underwood performed last night. I don't care if country's not your thing, you WILL cheer on the inside when she says "The next time he CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEATS... you know it won't be on me..."

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Amy Winehouse took home some much-deserved awards, but her performance was really disappointing. It was probably the most talked-about thing of the night though, so we're posting it so you can judge for yourself if you missed it last night:

Kanye West's performances completely owned, and we tried to post "Stronger", but for whatever reason the videos keep getting taken down from streaming video sites for Copyright claims. We'll post a working link as soon as one comes in.

And now, for the best performance of the night, at least in our opinion: Alicia Keys (with some help from John Mayer), singing the hell out of "No One". "Back to Black" was a better album than "As I Am", but Alicia Keys has always been able to do something that Winehouse probably will never be able to: Keys performs so much better live than she does on her album. She really pumped some new life into this song, and gave it an epic sound that I never heard in the original.

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