Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Music: Nada Surf and More Duke Spirit

It's a spectacularly uninteresting week for new music, but here are two cool new releases to hold you over until next Tuesday. Nada Surf just released "Lucky" and The Duke Spirit just released "Neptune". Neither is perfect, but they're still really enjoyable. My favorite from Nada Surf is "Beautiful Beat", the ultimate representation of the album's pure, simple, genuine pop-rock euphoria. Expect Pitchfork-style music elitists to turn their back on the whole album before even finishing the 30-second samples on iTunes, but meanwhile you can still love the hell out of this album. God knows I will.

Elsewhere, The Duke Spirit is holding on to their title of "Best Psychadelic Indie Soul Band in All The World" with their latest album. Aside from "Lassoo", which I've already posted two forms of, my favorite track was "The Step And The Walk". It's got a bassline and backing vocals that create a phenomenal partnership that really makes the song, a dance-along combination of indie-soul and indie-pop. LOVE these guys.

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