Friday, March 28, 2008

Music Videos: "E-E-E-E-ECSTASY!!!"

Brace yourself for the funniest semi-fake music video that you will ever see in your entire existence, in this lifetime, in previous lifetimes, and any lifetimes that you have yet to experience. "Summer Heights High" was a brilliant 8-part Australian comedy that will air on HBO in the near future, and you can watch it in its entirety on One of the show's main plots is the story of a narcissistic drama teacher, Mr. G., and how he produces an obliviously tasteless high school musical based on the story of a Summer Heights High student who dies of a drug overdose in the third (or fourth?) episode. This musical that he writes and directs includes the hilarious song "Naughty Girl", about what a tragically slutty girl the ODer was. Since the show ended, a music video of "Naughty Girl" has shown up on Youtube and Myspace, and it's lolz all around.

Mr G - Naughty Girl