Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Music Videos: Gnarls Barkley

I'm going to go ahead and declare this as my favorite music video of the year. I really don't care if there are still 10 months left in '08. I really can't imagine what could possibly top this. It's the video for "Run", the lead single from Gnarls Barkley's upcoming second album ("The Odd Couple"). The song itself is fantastic; it's unmistakably Gnarls-sounding, but doesn't come close to mimicking "Crazy". It's wild, fun, different, and smart, and I would be shocked if this song doesn't explode on the radio. Yay for talent in the mainstream!

By the way, in case you haven't heard the story yet, you won't be seeing this mindblowing video on TV. This edit got banned because it ran the risk of giving epileptics seisures. An edited version will air instead, but this crazy-ass "Seven Nation Army"-on-crack version will probably live on as a viral smash hit on Youtube for months and months to come.

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