Monday, March 3, 2008

New Music: Free Nine Inch Nails Instrumental Album

Following Radiohead and Saul Williams, Nine Inch Nails is now the latest artist to digitally release an album for free. This case is much more interesting than the others, though, because Trent is using the platform to share his most experimental work ever. The full four-part album (entitiled "Ghosts I-IV") contains 36 avant-garde instrumentals (and, believe it or not, "avant-garde" is NOT a euphemism for nonsensical crap in this case) that were composed and produced by Trent and a few other collaborators over ten weeks. "Ghost I", the first nine tracks, is available for free download on NIN's website and the others are available for five dollars. I downloaded the first nine, it was glad I took the time to do it. Most of it's not at all recognizable as NIN, but fans of Saul Williams' Trent-produced last album will instantly recognize Trent's wild production style. He takes the craziest noises he can find and makes wild, complex beats out of them, and layers miles of noise-damaged riffs on top of it to form surprising new sounds. This album will probably mean nothing to a lot of people, but producers, DJs, and fans of experimental music will love it. Here's tracks 6-8 (All tracks are untitled) for a sample.

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