Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Album stream alert: MIA on Myspace

If you go to MIA's Myspace page, you'll notice that instead of listing a genre in the header, it just says "Other". MIA's the only artist I can think of (except Bjork, who I can't stand 99% of the time) who is so out there that you can't assign a genre to her. The only reason I even label MIA-related posts as "Pop" is because I have to call it something. Myspace is now streaming MIA's entire new album, "Kala", for the entire week before it's release next Tuesday. I didn't have much time to listen to it, but it sounds like it's the kind of fun insanity we've come to expect from her. The only thing holding it back is that doesn't have any clear standouts for singles like "Galang" or "Bucky Done Gun". The only Kala track I really didn't like was "Mango Pickle Down", which I really didn't get. You can listen to the whole album and judge for yourself at:

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