Monday, August 13, 2007

Live covers: Paolo Nutini covers Gnarls Barkley (Well)

"Crazy" is a difficult song to cover, mostly because musicians try to imitate Cee-Lo's voice/style and fail. Or they are too flat and put no emotion into it (See Nelly Furtado) or pussify it until the song is just annoying (See Justin Timberlake). Paolo Nutini covered this song last year and did a great job of avoiding that trap. He makes the song his own, and his version could have easily been a hit single off of "These Streets" if Gnarls Barkley hadn't come first. His cover is from a performance at the Zomerparkfeesten in Venlo, Holland, and he seems like an amazing live performer. His North American tour starts in September, and I'm willing to sell my first-born child to get a ticket to his St Louis show on October 14. He's hitting 30-something cities in the States and Canada, and you can find the full list at his Myspace page.

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