Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New music Tuesday: Imperial Teen, Rilo Kiley, Imperial Teen, MIA, New Pornographers...

Lots of new stuff today. It's a big week for indie rock.

First of all, Rilo Kiley and MIA's new albums were released today. We told you about "Kala" last Wednesday and "Under the Blacklight" yesterday, so check out those posts for more info.

Imperial Teen is finally back after a five year hiatus with "The Hair, The TV, The Baby, and The Band", an album named after the projects that IT's members worked on during their hiatus. The album is more of the simple, happy-making indie rock we've come to expect from them. It's fun, but not much of a step forward for the band. It's probably the safest thing to do after coming off a long break, but hopefully their next album is a little more adventurous. Their website, imperialteen.com, was relaunched today, and you can listen to four of their new songs. Here's the album's first single, "Shim Sham":

The New Pornographers new album "Challengers" is now available. It has the same problem as Imperial Teen's new record: entertaining, but more of the same from them. Here's the opening track, "My Right Versus Yours":

I'm pretty much ODed on indie rock now. Not much gets released until September 11 when Kanye and 50 face off with new albums, with only VHS or Beta, Calvin Harris, and a UK Hard-Fi release dropping until then.

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