Thursday, August 2, 2007

Live Remixed Covers: Smash-Up Derby

Yeah, you read that right. Smash-Up Derby, a band out of San Francisco, isn't like any other band; they take DJ's mashups and adapt them to perform them live with their own vocals. Their favorite mashups are the ones with classic rock or alt rock instrumentals under pop vocals. They uploaded a bunch of their videos to Youtube. The strangest one is the "Billie Jean"/"Smells Like Teen Spirit" mashup. I have no idea what I would think if I didn't know what was going on first.

Also, here's the original mashup on iMeem. The audio quality of the vocals is horrible and miles apart from the instrumental, but the concept is genius:

The other really cool mashup the Derby did was their version of the "Sweet Dreams" vs "Seven Nation Army" mashup. The video cuts it off halfway through, but what's there is pretty good:

I couldn't find an original version for that one, but it would be awesome if it existed.

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